Music Shops in Leeds

Music Shops in Leeds

Here at Drum Lessons Leeds, our students are often looking to accessorize or upgrade their equipment. There is a selection of musical instrument retailers in Leeds all stocking a variety of brands and instruments, so finding the perfect one for you could be a bit of a fiddle with too many options to choose from.

Fortunately, however, Drum Lessons Leeds have done some research and looked a little further into each retailer to compile a list of what we believe are the most relevant retailers to our students. These music shops make the cut as they stock a great range of instruments at competitive prices whilst having staff that would rather sell you an instrument that they believe is the best rather than one they've been instructed to sell on mass.

PMT Leeds

You can't really go wrong with a PMT (Professional Music Technology) store. They are a moderately sized chain business with 11 stores spread out across the country and as you'd expect with any chain business, they have a reputation to keep. As a result of this, they always have an impressive shop floor, stocking almost anything and everything whether it be guitar, piano, drums or accessories for instruments.

This standard is very much met at PMT Leeds and the store boasts it's own 'house of drums' with over 30 acoustic kits and hundreds of cymbals in stock. This might sound a little crazy but thankfully the drum department is equipped with two drum kit experts who will be there to help you with any questions to want to ask about a set of drums. PMT Leeds almost certainly will have a set of drums you'll love to go and check out their store A.S.A.P.

PMT Leeds, Citygate, 9 Kirkstall Road, Leeds, LS3 1LH.

Telephone: 0113 2426601

Leeds Drum Centre

Leeds Drum Centre is a specialist shop for drummers and is located in Leeds Corn Exchange - quite honestly one of the most picturesque shopping centres you'll ever visit. The corn exchange is located within an old Victorian dome and is home to independent traders only. Leeds Drum Centre is owned by a former retail banker who decided to ditch his day job for his passion of drums, so you can be sure that the drums here are going to be of genuine quality and not cheap mass-produced units sold for pure profit. You're also much more likely to be given honest expert advice from someone who lives and breathes the instrument.

A visit to this gem of a store tucked away in one of Leeds' most unique buildings is a must, not only may you fall in love with an instrument but you're also guaranteed to have a nice relaxing day out.

Leeds Drum Centre, 22 The Balcony, The Corn Exchange, Leeds, LS1 7BR.

Telephone: 0113 2451211


Hobgoblin Music Leeds

Hobgoblin Music is another high-quality music store chain which has been in business for 40 years. The Leeds store opened in 2010 and is unmistakeably quite large, with most of the space being taken up by instruments. (No, really - it's like a maze in there) The variety of instruments and a large selection of brands is very impressive and there are all kinds of percussion in stock here. The Drum kit selection is a very healthy one meaning you actually have a choice whether to break the bank with a top-quality set or try and conserve your life savings with a more consistent all-around drum kit. Hobgoblin Leeds is definitely worth a stop-off, you'll feel like a kid in a candy shop in there.

Hobgoblin Music, 13 Eastgate, Leeds, LS2 7LY.

Telephone: 0113 2453311


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