Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach beginners?

Yes, of course, I have taught many students from the very beginning.

What age do you teach from?

I don’t discriminate against any ages but be aware that there is some physical demand due to the nature and size of the instrument. From my impression 8/9 years old tends to be the youngest that students are able to play.

Where are you based?

I teach the majority of my lessons from my home teaching space on Skelton Road (LS9 9EP) in central Leeds. It is a great place to learn to play the drums, with all the equipment that we need during our lessons and has good transport access from across the city. Click on the map below to bring up my rough location on Google maps - my full teaching address will be provided to you upon booking your first lesson.

Drum Lessons Leeds Map

What will be taught in lessons?

From getting to know you on day 1 I will find out exactly what you want to do. From there I’ll devise a lesson by lesson progression entirely tailored to you. If you want to get better you need to practise so at the end of lessons I’ll leave you with exercise to improve upon until the next lesson. 

What do I need before my first lesson?

If you’re entirely new to drumming you won’t need anything. We’ll work out which size stick would best work for you and then that can be your first purchase. I encourage students to have some sort of folder with which they can keep any music/notes from the lesson. All home lessons will require some sort of electronic/acoustic setup but I also tend to bring additional parts from my own equipment to help with learning fluidity.

Can I learn without a drum kit?

Certainly, for the first few weeks/months you can practise without a kit, there are lots of exercises you can do away from the drums. However, nothing can replicate the feeling of a drum kit to the same extent so you may be at risk of limiting your progress and also your enjoyment. Electronic kits are great for noise limitation. I would recommend looking through Music Shops in Leeds to see what is in stock if you decide to purchase a drum kit.

Do you teach grades?

Yes, I can guide you through all your formal qualifications up to grade 8 and diplomas and the rest. They can provide a good with all rounded structure to developing your ability but I don’t view them as essential. You can be just as good a drummer without them.

Do you teach written music?

Yes, I am an advanced music reader and can teach you to read music in all its forms as well as extended music theory if you wish. Not to distract from what is most important however which is using your ears.

How much are lessons?

Please see the prices page.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Should you wish to cancel, please let me know prior to 24 hours before your lesson. For all cancellations within 24 hours, you will be expected to pay the full tuition cost.

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